Monday, September 26, 2016

Not so recent project...

With all the fun I've been having behind the scenes at 52Quilters things have been pretty quiet here in my little corner of the world wide weberverse. Well I say quiet, but I have been making behind the scenes and working on a few new projects, including a plan to spruce things up around here.

For now, I'm catching up with a share of a make I finished earlier this year. A gift for a mother and father-to-be which I had a really fun time making. After drowning myself in pinterest inspiration for bold geometric patterns, I decided to play more with stripes than shape and developed this off-centre broken stripe pattern, and created some foundation pieced templates for myself so I could keep things as precise as possible.

From there I played a bit with colour and rotation to create the quilt below.  On the back, I played with light and dark blues and carried the broken stripe motif but cut out the random angles.

I'm really happy with the pattern, and am thinking of developing it into a free resource or tutorial, once I get my new and improved site up and running! Obviously, I'm a bit behind in my to-do list - I actually finished this project in MARCH - hence the title of this post.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Curious Fractals - part two

I'm continuing to work on my Curious Fractals quilt, paused only slightly by a combination of fabric miscalculation and mishap. First I underestimated how much I would need of a certain colour, and the secondly I cut out a few framing pieces using the wrong-side of the template, meaning they are backwards.

I could piece a replacement piece together with scraps, but with my points so on fleek (see post below) - I've decided to hunt for a few extra fat quarters so I can finish it off properly. After much searching fabric is on its way, so I hope to finish this quilt by Christmas.

I've been posting progress as I go on instagram. Follow along #CuriousFractals #WillThisEverEnd?

Another shot with some of my pieces laid out.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Curious Fractals - part one

This year I have a few projects I want to work on, and spending my first week of the year over on 52Quilters was a great year to help me sort out my ideas and draw up a proper work list.

I've written a lot about craft as a kind of sustenance for me, something that helps me focus, keep balance, and save time for myself, but I've always been careful to categorise it as play and not "work".... My approach for 2016 is to do the opposite, not categorise it as work in the sense that it's going be to major source of income, but to acknowledge the need to develop myself and just generally do more. It's work in the same way that going to the gym, read a challenging book, or forcing myself to go to the dentist is work: sometimes a pain, but mostly very good for me!

So my first project of 2016 is my Curious Fractals quilt. Quite a few years ago I broke my own stash rules and bought up a good selection of fabrics from David Butler's Curious Nature collection, and I've been sitting on them, failing to get off my stash ever since.

After trying a few different ideas, and building up anxiety over cutting into my stash, I've decided to revisit my fractals pattern from the Mini Rainbow Swap last year. To enlarge my colour rainbow mini that had 8 colours repeating three times, and create a much larger and squared off version using 12 colours of Curious Nature repeating twice.

A photo posted by Chris Webb (@chrismakesthings) on

I'm using paper piecing for this project, the quilter is divided into 24 fragments, each made up of three paper pieced pieces. I haven't decided how I'm going to frame/square off the work, but I've started on the fragments. 

I know per piecing is a fast and straightforward way to piece, but I forgot how much prep there is: cutting out the 72 fragments, numbering fabrics and laying out what fabric corresponds which each piece. I spent most of the first weekend of January planning instead of sewing, but progress is slowly underway.

I've made my first cuts and will be updating on here and Instagram as Curious Fractals comes together!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

slow and measured steps...

Well true to what they say, 2015 came in like a Lion! Life has been keeping me busy, with lots of travel for work and the ticking along of 52 Quilters... but I'm pleased to report that I have been maintaining my 'focus' and staying true to that as my word for the year!

My first exercise in focus was working on my project for the Rainbow Mini Swap - my second ever swap, and so I set out to do a few things on my list and really focus and force myself to do more with this mini project. I wanted to created something entirely new, and work from my own pattern so I designed a geometric foundation pieced design in Illustrator and then had a go and piecing it together.

Above: my first two test pieces for the project - and - Below: my many segments in the stages of piecing things together.

This has been a really great project for me because it has basically served as a big heavy-handed metaphor for 'focus': with all the lines and segments shooting out in a fractal-like pattern, but all anchoring in a single point of focus in the centre.  It's a lot like my life right now - lots of wonderful distractions in the big picture, but I'm learning to prioritise, focus (get ready for a year of overusing that word!) and not just deal with things one at a time, but really be in that moment of dealing with things instead of half-completing something while my mind is wondering about everything else.

And Tad-dah! The final project (front and back) - well final-ish, I still have to quilt and bind it (must remind myself that it is not finished!)

Still a little bit of work to do, but I'm really pleased with the project.

My next step in focusing my attention has been to try my hand at english paper piecing (having sworn several time that hand-sewing was "Just not for me") and so far its going so good. Stay tuned to the blog and my instagram for updates with how that challenge goes... Right now I'm still very much in the honeymoon phase, so we'll see how I feel a few rosettes in.

My optimistic start to Rosette #1:

Thanks for stopping in as always, if you have the time to comment I'd love to hear about what you are working on and what your biggest hurdles have been - whether it is specific projects you had trouble finished, or the more general hurdle of patience like me!